Merging Street Trees with Trees Please

After five years of leading an urban street tree revival in the lower city, we have streamlined the momentum by sharing our project with The Hamilton Naturalist Club and Environment Hamilton's Trees Please project for 2018.

By combining our door-to-door street tree approach with the Trees Please programme, homeowners will have a full array of options when approached by volunteers - free city street trees for the front yard and other sources for a backyard tree.

A leafy street also has been shown to slow traffic speeds, reduce crime, and make people healthier and happier!

The benefits offered by trees will continue to help alleviate associated air pollution in neighborhoods with higher than average air-pollution (associated with elevated mortality rates) for decades, plus providing years of inviting shade in the summer to counter the heat-island effect.

In the meantime, we continue to stay active with the Hamilton Air and Tree Task Force and maintain our blog as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Remember, if you live in Hamilton, Ontario, and have room in your front yard (renters, ask your landlord if they want a free tree - it is said to improve property values...) you can make your request from the City of Hamilton directly here