Research to improve outcomes at the door

A group of undergraduate/community researchers at McMaster University spent a semester helping us with a literature review and interviews with all of our five former student staff and some volunteers. Their quest? To find best practices for door-to-door campaigning.

The McMaster Research Shop is a recent addition to the university's campus and community focus, allowing community groups to get research done under academic supervision, and the undergraduate researchers gain experience doing this kind of work.

It's been great working with them and they've finished their report! Read it here!

Our first student hire, Jonathan working the Keith Neighbourhood

Thanks to the annual work of McMaster students Jonathon Valencia (2013), Krista Kruja (2014), Harshal Patel (2015), Hannah Walters-Vida (2016) and Chelsea Lowes (2017) we have garnered 278 Street Tree requests from residents in the lower city, with a four year average of 82% of the requests planted!