Depave Paradise Event, Hamilton's 100in1Day

This year, the third annual 100in1Day Hamilton featured 147 urban interventions city-wide. The focus of these projects ranged from community connections, to the environment; from education to the arts, and from recreation to transportation. We were very excited to be a part of the Depave Paradise event run through Green Venture at The Holy Family Parish on Kenilworth. The two stage event consisted of de-paving a section of the property and then occupying the new space with compost, mulch, plants, and trees. This intervention not only adds to the visual appeal of the entire street, but also provides additional benefits of reduced flooding and heat islands, and improved overall water quality. Volunteers were eager to be involved in the beautification of their community, shovelling and raking compost and mulch in the hot sun all day, never offering any complaints. We would like to offer a big thanks to Green Venture, as well as all the volunteers who came out; two green thumbs up!