David, Doug and Door-to-Door

It has been a very busy few weeks at The Street Tree Project. We have had meetings with different members of the Hamilton/ McMaster community, including Peter Wobschall and David Harris-Smith. These concerned topics of future grant opportunities, to expand the project, as well as a possible collaboration with Virtual Hamilton. After meeting with these two we are excited to see where the project may be headed in the future.
     We have also had various media coverage within the past couple of weeks. Chelsea Lowes, this year's coordinator, was interviewed by Doug Farraway of Cable 14's City Matters segment. This was her first time appearing on live TV, as well as her first media interview. It was a very exciting experience. Furthermore, we have received media support from Alysha Main of CFMU radio.
     Lastly, we have finally started our canvassing efforts. We are learning and adjusting our approach as we go, in order to suit the needs and desires of the Homeside/ Crown Point East neighbourhoods. What we have learned so far is: to avoid knocking on doors that specifically state no soliciting, where we now simply leave an informational flyer; that many people need time to decide on the perfect tree for their home, thus we have posted this year's species list on our blog; and that when people say they will email you, they were probably just saying that to get you off their property.

There are approximately 2 weeks left for this year's project, so if you haven't already requested a tree, what have you been doing?!