Introducing the Street Tree Project Coordinator for 2017

Hey everyone! My name is Chelsea Lowes, and I’m very excited to be chosen as this year’s Street Tree Project coordinator!

I’m a born and raised Hamiltonian who decided to stay in the city I love and pursue a degree in Health Studies and Gerontology at McMaster University. Though I will always come to Hamilton’s defence, there is always room for improvement! The city essentially offers the best of both worlds, with unlimited natural, and urban scenery to enjoy. But why keep them separate?

My current education consistently shows how impactful social factors can be on one’s health. I am particularly interested in the role the environment takes. The Street Tree Project not only allows me to pursue this interest, but also provides me with the opportunity to create meaningful change in a community where I can continue to observe the benefits both on and off the job.

This year we will be focusing on the Homeside neighbourhood, just east of Kenilworth Street. I’m very much looking forward to getting started on this years project and working alongside this community, towards a greener city.  Initiatives to make Hamilton more environmentally friendly are stronger and more plentiful than ever, and I’m excited to be a part of it all.