Hello from Hannah, the 2016 Street Tree Project Coordinator

My name is Hannah Walters-Vida, and I am very excited to take on the role of the 2016 Street Tree Project Coordinator.

I was born in Vancouver, but spent most of my life in Toronto. I came to Hamilton two years ago to pursue my degree in McMaster University’s Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law program. I have been really enjoying getting to explore the city’s dynamic urban life as well as its incredible natural areas.

Throughout my time at McMaster, I have become involved with OPIRG through my work with Fossil Free McMaster and as a volunteer with CVA’s Learning and Fun program. I am very passionate about environmental and social justice issues, and strongly believe in community engagement.

I look forward to working with members of the Hamilton community to create a greener city. This project has the potential to generate long-lasting improvements for the city’s environment and community, and I cannot wait to get started!