100in1 Day Hamilton

After our walkthrough of the Gibson neighbourhood, we attended a 100in1 Day Hamilton workshop. We weren't too sure of what to expect, since the description on the website was limited. The event was hosted at St. Peter’s HARRRP Community Centre (705 Main St. East).

St. Peter's HARRRP Community Centre

As soon as we arrived, we got started on brainstorming ideas around different themes – what we love about Hamilton, what could be improved in Hamilton, how we could improve these things, how we would go about implementing these things, and finally how these ideas could be translated into interventions for 100in1 Day Hamilton on June 6th

With some help from Laura Anderson (running a ‘U-Pick Urban Kale Farm’ at Powell Park), we got our thoughts formalized into a 100in1 Day Hamilton intervention!
I will be at Powell Park between 11:15 AM and 3:00 PM with a couple of volunteers! Hopefully we will be able to get several requests at this event; come check us out if you have time. If you want a free street tree but can’t attend this event, feel free to contact me at patelh35@mcmaster.ca and I would be more than willing to help you request one.

Check out our Hamilton intervention page for more information: https://hamilton.100in1day.ca/initiatives/RuDHipUJsiNMggUxPA9aK4j6M2f