The Impetus

This project began with a realization or synthesis of a few elements:
1. Denis Corr's mobile air monitoring showing some neighbourhoods had air pollution issues measurably worse than others
2. There is some evidence that less-well-to-do areas have less urban forest canopy than financially more-wealthy neighbourhoods
3. Trees can improve air quality
4. The City of Hamilton has a free street tree program

The primary goal is to target the street tree program to areas most in need of a refreshed urban forest canopy. So basically, more trees where they are needed most.

Happily, the response from residents in the Keith neighbourhood has been overwhelmingly positive. Meeting so many people here has been fun and rewarding. Coming from McMaster, we are getting a first hand look at what a well-organized community HUB there is here, and how friendly and welcoming the people are.

What started as a bit of an abstract idea has definitely come to a much more human, face-to-face experience that is teaching us the depth of resiliency Hamilton has at the grassroots. For that we are most grateful to the people of the Keith Neighbourhood!