The Amur Maple

After this weekend, we have signed up quite a large number of people which gives me the opportunity to do a little analysis on the most popular trees. The Amur Maple is the most wanted tree, being chosen a total of 12 times. However, the Eastern Redbud is not far behind with 11 picks. 

The Amur Maple is a small tree, growing between 5-8 meters in height. It has a wonderful bright red colour during the fall, and it is for that reason that many have picked this gorgeous tree! You would be amazed to know that this specie is not native to Canada, or North America for that matter. It's actually native to Japan and northeast China, only to be introduced to North America in the 1860s. Here's a picture of the Amur Maple in the fall:

With a few streets yet to service, the popularity contest between the Amur Maple and the Eastern Redbud will soon have a clear winner...