The Pieces Are Beginning to Come Together!

Over the last couple of weeks Randy and I (Johnny) have been setting up meetings with key players. So far we have met with Laura Ryan who was a treat to talk to! She provided a lot of insight on the neighbourhood and helped solve some potential setbacks we might have had if it wasn't for her. Laura also had a great idea to set up a table outside the Eva Rothwell Centre to attract some attention and get people signed up for free street trees!

The other important meeting was with Bill Longley, who is one of the coordinators for Hamilton's Urban Forestry. He gave us some tips on how to reach more people and how to address some of the issues we may run into. Most importantly, he extended our deadline to hand in street tree forms from June 15th to June 30th which gives us a larger window of time to reach many more residents!

Here is the plan so far:
-putting up a poster at the Eva Rothwell Centre to advertise our cause
-setting up a table outside the Eva Rothwell Centre next week and following weeks to get some people signed up for street trees
-on June 8th, go door to door with 6 volunteers and get people signed up! The volunteers will write down objections they encounter and I will go back later and address the objection in a friendly manner to hopefully change their mind
-attend the community BBQ on June 22nd, set up a table and soak up the sun as we make one last effort to get as many people signed up for street trees!

The pieces are finally coming together and through this action plan I don't see why we can't get at least 100 trees planted!